Understanding the Artist


There is one constant in the artwork of C Hintz: Idealization. A tendency to romanticize. Cynthia uses an illustrative style in her paintings — watercolor is the preferred medium —   to manipulate her story through design and color. She likes to take the scream from the horror.

Her concentration is on color, clarity, and design. Negative spaces (when emphasized), provide a stirring contrast within the artwork, as do complimentary colors. Contrasts, opposites, and contrary themes repeat frequently in her work.

Blushing Blooms
BLOOMING BLOSSOMS: Watercolor enhanced with watercolor pencils
EILEEN: Watercolor with charcoal embellishment

FEELINGS ARE NOT FACTS: Watercolor with strong charcoal drawing

Notice, in the painting “Feelings Are Not Facts,” bitter is turned to bittersweet through stylization. During the time this was painted, a deep depression covered Cynthia, and she barely worked. When inspiration struck, she turned to her romantical muse to create this scene.

Idealization and fantasy are part of Cynthia, as an artist. It is how she works to “redefine an imperfect world in a perfect way. *