Original Artwork

“Old Old House” Watercolor 4X6 in. This is one of the oldest houses in the small Dutch community of Little Chute, WI
“Connie’s Grape” Watercolor 6X8 in. Connie sent this photo of grapes, which I was inspired to paint.
July 2, 2017
“Chicken Scratching” Watercolor 5X7 in. This lone chicken was scratching in a yard of deep shadow.
Toby Warm
“Shy Toby” Watercolor 5X7 in. The usually friendly and carefree Toby was particularly shy at this moment
Blushing Blooms
“Blossoming Blooms” Watercolor 9X13″ This plein air study was finished in the studio but playing with the negative spaces
Calla Lily
“Calla Lily” Watercolor 5X7 in. This is going to be a design for a greeting card.
Autumn Fruits & Veggies
“Autumn Fruits & Veggies” Watercolor pencils  16 X 8 in.  A line of fall harvest on a rainy day
Aging Gracefully
“Leaf in Transition” Watercolor 8×7 in.  An early fall morning shows a leaf half red and supple, half browning and crisp.
Rain Movin' On
“Storm on Emons Road” Watercolor 15 X 21 in. A painting of old farmhouse on Emons Road
“Eileen” Watercolor 5.5 X 8.5 in. A quick study of upstairs neighbor
I'll Be Home For Christmas
“Home for Christmas” Watercolor 7 X 7 in.  Tara keeps watch



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