Only Originals by C Hintz

On this page are samplings of my watercolors, acrylics, charcoal and graphite and pen & ink drawings. I show only originals. I have never yet found a need to reproduce my work. I’m not satisfied creating in merely one medium; I grow easily restless and bored. I like experimentation and the freedom many art materials provide. My favorite will always be watercolor, probably because I know it best and feel so comfortable with it. It’s still a challenge as well. I don’t think I’ll ever really master the art of watercolor.

Please be sure to visit my gallery at Direct2Artist. There you’ll find many more selections in full resolution with complete descriptions and prices. You may buy from Direct2Artist if you so desire.

Thank you for viewing my work and supporting artists creating original art everywhere.


Toby Warm
“Shy Toby” Watercolor 10X7″


“Christmas Treats”  Watercolor 6X6″



Ocean View Small
“Ocean View” Watercolor 15X10″


Old Waukesha Farm
One of the Waukesha Series Graphite 8X6″ NFS



Connecticut Beach
“Connecticut Beach” Watercolor 10X7″


Waukesha Series North Bank
One of the Waukesha Series  Watercolor 10X7″ NFS




Girl by Fire small
“Before the Fire” Charcoal 9X12″