To be or not to be… JADED

A few days ago, I expected to announce fantastic news of JADE Studio® Christmas cards — hot off the press — boxed and ready for delivery. Now I learn my geographical area is not served by “Facebook Shops.” My plan for a shop on Facebook is foiled before it’s begun. So chuck the lemons, I just don’t feel like making lemonade.

Hope Deferred

Foiled or failed, the result is the same – we’re screwed. We all know the feeling of failure that comes sometimes through no fault of our own. But “foilure” or failure brings the same heartache, and heartache hits the instant hope is gone. Learning my JADE Studio® shop won’t be opening after weeks of work was more than a little disappointing. You can say, my hope was definitely deferred.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but, when desire comes it is the tree of life.

Ancient Proverb

Heartache can make us so sick we’re tempted to quit. We may believe in ourselves, we may have faith in our idea; but, how many times do we beat our heads against a brick wall without going crazy? Doesn’t it make you just want to give up completely? Trash the idea — pull the covers over your head — who cares anyway? Wait a minute! I care!

While in a state of anger and discouragement I wondered, “Who can help?”  Who. Can. Help? Then my skewed thinking shifted, and I began a mental chant; like the Little Engine that Could I said, “I guess I can.” And like that “Little Engine,” I started assessing my ability to DO. “I guess I can” evolved into, “I think I can” and slowly my confidence grew. Now, I’m faced with one basic question: Do I go forward publishing cards under JADE Studio®?

Being “jaded” is part of my success story.

JADE Studio® began twenty-five years ago in my home. I started Jade mainly to illustrate and publish greeting cards but did other design work, as well. A few of the designs and illustrations from that early studio still rate as some of my favorites.



Over time, I invested myself more in watercolor painting and the printed artwork was set on the backburner. Now C HINTZ STUDIO is the home of my original artwork. Naming my art studio allows my printed work to resurface: JADE Studio® now continues as an imprint of C HINTZ STUDIO for greetings cards and all printed artwork.



You bet I’m going forward! JADE Studio® Christmas cards have been printed. We are starting with two Christmas card designs, but there will be other cards and maybe bookmarks, postcards, etc. down the road. I have hope for the future, and — while not the tree of life — I have a higher perspective. I’m so happy to be a jaded lady!

This first card, “Contemporary Nativity,” is a card originally produced in 2003, which I am bringing back this year. There is no written greeting – the illustration says it all. This card is die cut in a shape that can fold to become its own envelope – 3X5″ when folded. They come packaged in eights with 8 gold seals.  




This second card, “Christmas Treats,” is a new design from my 2016 watercolor painting. This is the first year for Christmas Treats, It is a 5X7″ Christmas card with Merry Christmas in hand-scrawl, are blank on the inside, and include envelopes. They come boxed in eights.

You can find more information about JADE Studio® cards on the “Contact” page.


Love and Joy,



Is Your Spidey-Sense Tingling

I can tell you mine is! Now, rather than feeling numb, I paint with a heightened awareness of my surroundings. I have become a conduit for energy and ideas which channel toward a final result. I know darn well I’d have no desire to promote any ideas or move energy without the impetus of my world.  As a result, I have my art back; I have myself back. I’m feeling desire, I’m feeling aware, I’m feeling sensitive. My Spidey-Sense is tingling with renewed joy now when I pick up a paintbrush, pencil, or marker.

I’ve talked in the past about desire. Desire for our work – or passion – isn’t an endless font from which we may draw. If our passions in life are not fed they die, and they are hungry beasts. Exposure to art comes in the obvious “museum and gallery” visits, but also reading, especially biographies. Make artist friends; friends can be a great source of mutual inspiration. Remember, it’s important to stay in touch with the “non-visual arts.”

I’ve watched countless videos of watercolor artists demonstrating their techniques this month. You-Tube taps a Master’s skill set and passion simultaneously. Even when a demonstration left me just one little idea to try, I came away from every video filled with a sweet desire to paint. Watching these artists one can follow their true enjoyment of their art, and that is contagious.

“Happiness is a how; not a what.  A talent, not an object.” Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) 



Sailing at Sunset

My latest painting is called “Sailing at Sunset.” Watercolor 16″X 20″ with pen & ink. This was so much fun to paint. I felt as free and light as the hot air balloon you see.

Until next time – joy and love,


C Hintz Studio / / /

I’ve just moved into a new apartment. Finally, the boxes are unpacked and most things have a home. Summer is here and I spend sunny afternoons on my balcony overlooking the river. There is enormous boat activity at the head of the Fox River and Lake Winnebago, and there are as many differing water vessels as there are sea gulls in the air. If I want to join a group in the courtyard, I can always go downstairs and watch the river from the gazebo. I live in a very nice place.

In my apartment, I have set up a very workable studio for myself. I only need to buy a couple more chairs to make it perfect. But it’s close. Right now, with the summer weather, I find I want to paint mostly in front of the big window. That way I can look outside and not feel closed in.


July is winding down, and so is the second World Watercolor Month hosted by Charlie O’Shields. It is wonderful to meet with last year’s friends and to be encouraged by their beautiful paintings. Even the “just okay” encourage me. Art is like any other craft — one must practice regularly to improve their skill. Or even maintain their level of excellence. I’ve been slouching this last year — reasons don’t matter — the result is that I am very rusty. My paintings show it. I started out with the group for the first week and into the second week faithfully posting my watercolors. Then a few days of hit and miss. Now, I haven’t posted a painting in at least a week.

But, I’ll not shame myself. I’ll carry on where I am at. I’m going to pick up my paint brush and paint — every day — not to make a masterpiece, not to make a work for sale, but to hone my skills. I started doing this already, and I can see I am going to be going through lots of paper!Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.40.24 PM

WHO KNEW HE COULD PAINT?Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.19.00 PM


by George W. Bush

This is a wonderful book whatever your political leanings are. Published in February this year, this beautiful book has over 60 portraits of veterans, all painted by Former President Bush. Men and women he has come to know personally since 9/11. I plan to buy one for myself and one for a veteran.