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It seems my main focus for October is Christmas cards. Halloween will be a blip on the screen as the push for December 25th begins. Thanksgiving Day is a brief respite and offers a moment of sanity — at least that is what we hope for. In reality, with Black Friday encroaching more and more into the “feast of thanks,” Thanksgiving is like the starting lineup at the stock car races. We can hear the engines roar, just waiting for the green flag to drop. I am a traditionalist. I like all the holidays, and I want them in order. Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Years.

Yet even a purist such as myself is sucked into the pre-holiday marketing race. And the race is on, so I present you two very prettily packaged Christmas greetings cards. You can find all the information about them on the Contact page.


Everything’s Coming Up JADE

It is fun to create and publish cards for JADE Studio. Many of my watercolors are conducive to card design, and I envision many more cards in the future. JADE Studio’s first card was for Christmas — in 1992. After a few years illustrating, it became apparent that JADE Studio didn’t serve all my purposes, and C Hintz Studio was created to focus solely on original art. It’s working well, I’m happy to say.




A Sympathy Card? 

Calla LilyWell, yes. It started out as a sympathy card, but I see this card will reach more people than those suffering the loss of a loved one.  The front might simply say, “I’m So Sorry.” The blank inside leaves room for one to express any kind of sentiment.



Joy and Peace