My Story


tinkerbell-2016-09-16-at-7-25-09-amI grew up in Southern California immersed in the “Wonderful World” of Walt Disney. Observing and copying his characters directly shaped my artistic development and creative thinking.


My skills in drawing and painting advanced throughout my school years. The unspoken understanding within family was simply, “Cynthia is an artist” and nothing else was ever expected. I later studied watercolor illustration under George James at Cal State Fullerton’s Art School. George is a nationally renowned, award-winning watercolor artist.

I find inspiration among my contemporaries. Some are friends, others are just names in galleries or on the internet. Their palettes and unique styles are of special interest to me and I study and mimic them as I used to Walt Disney. Also, I stand in awe of many superior talents gone before, but two that rise above are N.C. Wyeth (American 1882-1945), and David Hockney (British 1937 – ), two prolific painters and illustrators whose works span the Twentieth Century into the Twenty-First. Hockney is still producing astounding art.

I see these accomplished artists as untouchables, yet their art speaks clearly as teachable studies. In following Wyeth and Hockney I attempt to illustrate with a painterly quality and paint with an illustrators hearts. I find new freedom in leaving the safety of watercolors to explore other mediums now, as well. Hockney’s latest works winning general acclaim were done on an iPad. And why not?

Owing to major life changes, illness, and distraction, I’ve spent much of my adult life keeping my light under a bushel, so to speak. But art is not a profession, it’s not a career choice – though it can be a good living – art for most of us, is not a choice at all.

An artist is who I am

And I’m thankful for the limitless talent yet to tap. A never-ending gift from the Almighty.


An Early Photo – And My Autobiographical Pieces

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